Aye, aye Captain, shiver me timbers!

posted on Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Just a small update on the Commander: The Great War development and Beta testing. The most important big upgrade is a first pass of the complete new Naval AI. The Naval AI now has most of the logic in place like defending & blocking regions, escorting, hunting convoys, providing coastal support, etc…and will be tweaked and polished over the next Beta builds.

We also introduced MP chat function compatible with the PBEM++ server, so you can, between turns, chat with your opponent in multiplayer. You just have to click the end turn button to open the chat menu in MP and enter a text. You can then either close and continue playing or just end your turn.

Next week we will try and incorporate a last big hurdle and that is multiplayer PBEM save-replay, so you can check and analyse your opponent`s moves just before it is your own turn, making the MP PBEM server based games so much more fun.

Outside this the new Beta build includes a lot of tweaks and fixes. Now back to work and start preparing a new Beta build for next week…

To all testers have fun and please give us some feedback on the Naval AI.

Ship ahoy… prepare for boarding, you rascals!

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