New CTGW Beta build.

posted on Thursday, March 1st, 2012

New Commander Beta build is now again available for the Beta testers. First pass on multiplayer and much more.

We are now getting to a stage where the game is almost “feature-full”, meaning we have no great game parts or missing layers more to add, there are still some missing parts of the AI (artificial-intelligence), UI (user-interface) and other minor incomplete or partially missing stuff, but nothing really big.

So from now onwards we can really concentrate more on bug hunting and fixing, balancing and final polishing.

There is still a lot to do, but adding the MP (multi-player) layer is a real last big milestone.

This also means we will roll out more and regular new updates from now on in Beta, trying to keep a pace of one a week, if possible and we hit no mayor set-backs. We probably add more new testers gradually from now on as we are now in the last straight line to Gold.

How long we still need is hard to say, as we are a small team and with balancing you can have it right real fast or struggle for quite some time. MP is really helpful here as, although we really worked hard on delivering a capable and challenging AI, playing against a human mind is the still the best way to test and balance gameplay.

Still we are very comfortable that in a few weeks time we will be able to announce a final release date.

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