Progress update

posted on Thursday, March 15th, 2012

A new Commander: The Great War Beta is ready for internal testing. Naval AI is temporarily disabled, it was just to unstable because of ongoing updates and scripting. But next week we should be about done with the naval AI and enable it again to get more in depth feedback from the Beta testers. The new Beta build should be ready for our Beta test team well before the weekend. We are committed to deliver weekly new Beta builds from now on.

The team has also been working on the land AI and Research is shaping up nicely. Once Research is finalized and locked we can replace the temporarily place-holder sketches with some proper art.

We added this build new units as well, some new armoured cars, tanks, bombers, recon planes… they really look cool.

The test team so far has been great, giving solid and continuous feedback, bringing in new ideas and reporting bugs, it is a pleasure to work with such a professional and dedicated mature group of testers. Thanks you guys, helping making this game better with every build!

We are close to adding a fresh bunch of new Beta testers, but we need a few more test weeks to make sure we at least have our current bug list out of the way. We kill bugs faster now, as we do weekly updates, the team is working hard and the game is really shaping up nicely.

The first pass on Multiplayer proofed very stable, we will add chat and save-replay functionality soon, to make the MP experience even more exiting.

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