Ora et labora!

posted on Thursday, April 5th, 2012

A very important last step has been taken and it was really the last big hurdle for us code-wise: completing and adding the PBEM server based MP chat and save-replay functionality. Now between turns, you can chat and see your opponent`s turn before completing your own moves, making the PBEM server based Multiplayer play so much more fun. A big compliment to our trained cave code-monkeys!

During the Easter holidays we will really concentrate on finally reducing the non-critical “small bugs” list, polish things up and finally start to have a closer look to all the in game text and of course the manual. Those are small and easy things to do, but as always stay at the bottom of our “to-do” list way too long. We all need a bit of a break, so the Easter break is perfect to tackle and start polishing, there will be no new Beta builds coming before the 19th of April. Unless there are critical updates needed that prevent the Beta testers to continue their test games, we need to take some time to take in the feedback and make sure next build is more polished and we nailed as many small bugs as possible.

Art wise we still want to improve the campaign map a bit more, especially more mountainous terrain needs to be added. In game I believe we have finally reached a nice compromise on the research and we can lock it. The game still uses temporarily sketched place-holder art in the research menu, so we now can finalize them as I doubt we are going to change the design once again… unless we love self-torture. 🙂

After Easter we will discuss the final release date and PR and Marketing strategy with our publisher, my friends we finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! But be sure we take all the time needed to deliver a very stable and polished games, after two years of continuous development we are not going to release a sloppy and unstable product!

Our Creative Director said it with nice words a week ago: “Producing a game is like making art, it is never really finished, you just decide not to work on it anymore when you feel it is good enough to show.” The work after release does not really stop of course, we will keep supporting, improving and patching it as long as we feel it is needed.

That is it for this time, I wish everybody a Happy Easter, just pray and work (ora et labora) and enjoy the holidays!


The Lordz

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