Slitherine/Matrix press event 2012 at Stresa, Italy

posted on Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Just back from the Slitherine/Matrix press event 2012 at Stresa, and it was a great event, first my compliments to Slitherine`s staff for hosting a great organised event and to all attending press and co-developers for their pleasant company.

Regarding Commander: The Great War the press event was a good opportunity showing our latest build. Especially being so close to Gold, finally sharing and explaining all the new and cool in-game features that make this game so special and set it in a unique WW1 historical setting felt good.

I really hope the announcement of the final release date is now imminent and we can get this game to our fans, and everybody else interested in WW1 strategy wargaming, as soon as possible.

We updated the final game features here on the website, uploaded the final intro trailer and posted all new and latest Commander: The Great War screenshots.

We will now go back to work and lay the final pieces together of the puzzle. Beginning of next week there will be a new very big Beta test build available to all our testers and we, most likely, will add another big bunch of new Beta testers.

It is the start of some tropical weeks now to make sure we finish the game in style, we are confident and ready for it, the game is great fun and all the hard work is finally showing off.


The Lordz

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