Balancing the Beta

posted on Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

First and fore all a big compliment to our team of Beta testers, they are really pushing us, they stay very critical and are hunting bugs as hound dogs on a fox hunt. Their effort already has a big impact on the final product, the gameĀ  is starting to look better and better with every new build, but we are not there yet, it comes now to balancing, tweaking and polishing until we get it right. We may need 4 to 5 more Beta rounds to really get the game into the shape we want it to be. In this regard we are taking our time, as the thing we hate most, are rushed out unbalanced or unstable games where the paying public is used as a Beta tester. The downside is of course we keep on postponing announcing a final releaseĀ  date, but we just don`t see another way or a compromise. The game needs more love and attention, and it will get it, before we can agree to release it to our fans and paying customers. So we continue with our Beta program and keep on pushing, thanks everybody for your trust and patience, I hope in the end it will be appreciated and you will enjoy Commander: The Great War!

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  1. Greg says:

    Still looking for beta testers? I am interested. Thanks

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