Artificial Intelligence or AI

posted on Friday, September 7th, 2012

Hi guys, it has been a while since the last report, but we all enjoyed a well deserved summer break after finishing Panzer Corps: Afrika Korps. We are now back and finishing the last polishing on Commander: The Great War.

The game really plays nice, we have been improving the AI so it will give you a run for your money on the more harder levels, of course for those unfamiliar with the whole Commander playing style, don`t be afraid we made sure that both beginner as veteran will be able to enjoy the game.

I refer to the previous development diary, the balancing of the scenarios is going into the right direction, but here also we are now in a stage of getting it really spot on, all in all we are now confident enough to announce a release date: Commander: The Great War will release early November.

So the long wait is almost over, again we want to make sure the game is; as bug free as possible, achieve a nice game balance, offer good fun and sufficient replay value. According to the feedback from our Beta-testers we seem to have achieved that all important “just-one-more-turn” feeling.

So we are confident a lot of people will enjoy this strategy game and are looking forward to re-fight The Great War of WW1.

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  1. Hi,

    Having played all of the other PC games related to WW1 Im looking forward very much to do battle with CTGW, the graphics are looking very nice and the mentioned features are appealing.

    Good luck with the final testing.Looking forward to the release.



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