The Final Touches

posted on Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

Hi guys,

Just a quick update on progress and what we have been doing behind the scene on Commander: The Great War.

We have recorded, edited and added all scenario briefing video`s to the game, same for the scenario introduction texts and on top they have all a fantastic voice-over. These finishing touches, together with the intro movie will be added and released to Beta testers very soon. It was a pleasure doing these final touches, as it makes the game really come alive.

We are now finalising all in-game texts and descriptions; for the units, the commanders, the technology tree, the in-game tutorial messages, the newspaper messages and special events, etc… Including doing last minute updates and changes to the manual, that is basically ready, so after this weekend we can lock all texts, we are nearly there…

After that we can work on a nice manual layout. I`me looking for a nice Art Nouveau or Jugendstil, depicting the period of 1900-1920. Same as for the special music we composed for this game, it all breads the same style period…

The game will be released as a digital download, but we will also offer a Premium DVD Box-On-Demand, with a colour printed manual on quality paper.

All media and art is basically done, outside some small last minute things, but all is now on schedule for a release early November 2012. After years of hard work we hope you will all enjoy the game as much as we enjoyed designing, producing and making it.

In two weeks time, we have planned a Preview Build that will be send to various media, so journalists can already get a feel for the game and the special WW1 setting.

The last remaining month we will spend only on fixing any bugs, that still could come up during the Beta testing, and most importantly focus on the overall balancing and tweaking the gameplay.

So the wait is almost over, the tension is rising, a lot of work ahead, but the end is nearing and damn proud of the result so far. Give us a few more weeks, and than into the muddy trenches lads!

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