First Patch and Commander on Facebook

posted on Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

Hi guys,

Just a quick update and a note that the first patch for Commander: The Great War is almost done, it fixes some small bugs and balancing problems we got through feedback after release, but all in all the game is very stable and we had no real big issues reported.

We have much more on our wish list to enhance and improve the game and engine, based on ongoing feedback from fans and players, so expect more updates and new and requested features in the coming year!

But this first small patch, well more of a hotfix to be honest, will cover the few problems that were reported and we wanted to have this out before the holidays.

A more in detail patch report will be posted when the patch is made available.

Another thing is, we are asking kindly to help us raise some more awareness for Commander and you can help us by promoting our work and this game through Facebook. Just go here and tell all your friends to have a look:


Thanks and enjoy the game!




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